Drawing drills has never been easier.
Just the tools you need.

Having usable, clear and easy to use interface is our main priority. Even with wide variety of features and tools, we keep the experience as effortless as possible.

Draw and plan your drills in your browser.
No install needed.

The Peluu Planner works in a browser* and there's no need to install any software (not even Flash). Just register an account and you're able to access your drills on any computer, anywhere.

You do need a modern browser, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Easy roster management.
Print lineups to go.

Manage your roster and plan lineups. You can add players and assign them to your lineups and print them to go.

You can add as many teams as you like.

Several templates for team sports.
Ice hockey, american football and soccer.

Peluu Planner Pro includes seven templates for three sports.

We are constantly developing our templates.

Compare plans

Feature Peluu Planner Free Peluu Planner PRO
Draw and plan unlimited amount of drills online X X
Easy to use and clear interface X X
No software to install, all in your browser X X
Access from any computer X X
Print drills (multiple layouts) X X
Save, load and edit drills and practices X
Add unlimited amount of diagrams to a single drill X
Add unlimited amount of drills to a practice plan X
Export drills as PDF and PNG X X
Advanced drill management, including folder structure and search, tagging etc X
Upload your team logo X
Create practices and add drills to them X
Sync with your Dropbox, save drills automatically X
Easy roster management X
Publish your drills to other Peluu Planner users X
Import Drill Draw .dde -files X
Share drills and practices to your team, direct from Peluu Planner X
Draw shot charts X
Peluu Planner Mobile (beta) X
Peluu Linechanges -mobile application X
Use different colors, drawing tools and icons X
Download blank practice plans and documents X

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